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Gia Linh Services & Production Company Limited

First of all, Gia Linh services and Production limitted Company gives you the best wishes to our customers, wishes each our customer always healthy, prosperous, happiness, who are accompanied Gia Linh company, wish our relationship always sustainable and more and more development. 
We want to offer the customers, livestock farm with highest performance, good livestock equipments, fresh atmosphere in animal production, Gia Linh LTD company always effort, try to service the best ability to our customers. 

Gia Linh services and Production LTD Co. is operating in the fields as well as: 

1. Consultancy the building and developing the livestock farm 

2. Supplying the livestock equipment 

3. Assemblying biogas tanks with big vollume.

4. Environment  treatment in animal farm 

5. Supplying the gas generators

Gia Linh established since January 2006 with only 6 staffs, up to the moment Gia Linh services and production Ltd Co. has nearly 100 labours. Started from a hired small-scale workshop, currently we have built a manufactury  factory produces initial sufficient livestock facilities in Vietnamese market with area 9000m2. With  leadership team has more than ten years experience in the fields of consultancy, farming design, supply livestock equipment like director Hoang Viet Hung, deputy director Dang Xuan Dat, deputy director Phan Tien Dung,.. And with high skilled workers. Thus, we are confident in adapting to our customers good and durable products and the best quality. 

The motto of Gia Linh is continuous improvement, try the best ability to increase quality and the sactify of customers. Therefore, Facilities and services are supplied by Gia Linh always create since our skill, intellectual and enthusiasm, which will be sure to make you are sactified. 
Nowadays, in the industrial husbandry with modern method, technical issues and technology in livestock are top priorities. To be applied new techique into animal farms, that also be neccessary to have appropriate equipment with that technique. 

Almost farm owners, when they invest to build pig farms and chicken farms,.. so they often are less focus on livestock equipment in animal house, animal physiology (sows, fatten pigs, broiler, layer chicken ..) in order to make planning criterias, building the animal house, livestock facilities give animals good condition, workers and technicians are easy to manage the farms. But they often only care to the price of construction, facilities are as low as possible in order to the least amount of capital, create the maximum farm scale. However, the low initial investment leading to along time, the farm must to pay big amount of money  for maintenance, fixes and increasing the electricial price because performance of animal housing can not use maximum capacity, ineffective management. 

In this paper, we mention to cool closed system in the industrial livestock with large scale, this is a very important criteria in housing microclimate because it is affect to the temperature of animal body, concentration of NH3, H2S are high, high humility, ... shock temperature cause the change of temperature occurs many times per day. So animals have often affected by some diseases as well as respiratory and digestive diseases,.. animals reduce eating, low growing, longtime for animal husbandry, disease risks and marketing prices leading to low economic efficiency. Many cases, animals dead a mass because too high temperature (broilers,    laying chicken,..)
                                                                                                                                                   Your sincerely 
                                                                                                                                       Director. Hoang Viet Hung

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